Very Influential People Creating Hope - My Mission - Keller, TX
It's my honor dedicate my life to help spread the message of education, advocacy and services for those with disabilities as well as sharing my personal message of hope:  V.I.P.  C.H.I.C. (Very Influential People Creating Hope for the Intellectually Challenged). 
Today, approximately 54 million people in the United States are living in the community with either an intellectual or developmental disability. That's one in every five people. One of these five might be born with a disability or suffer a disability as a result of an accident. Disabilities are as different as the person affected. Having a disability does not mean inability and it is not a sickness or disease that can be cured.   
I believe that everyone, able-bodied or disabled, desires to be accepted just as they are, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.